WITHOUT Having To Travel And Work At NASA.

Despite doing all

that, I was still

secretly frustrated.

I knew that there were many others who had it in them to have that kind of success, but information alone wasn’t enough. They needed the next level of support, accountability, coaching and environment. 

I had entrepreneurs who wanted a deeper level of support, but I just didn’t have the right program for them. And that why I created Legacy Mentoring. It utilises the Gamechanger Intensive framework as the starting point and takes things to 

whole new level.

Legacy Mentoring is where my team and I walk you through building, growing and scaling any business online in a structured curriculum so that you will develop the essentialskills to launch any product, program or 

service online.

Every single week, you will have access to my coaches and I so that we can help you launch your offer, work on your sales funnel, tweak your ads so that you have constant insight and feedback on what to improve next. This is where you’ll experience both live and virtual events to help you craft your message and share it with the world.


自 2005 年以來,HASSE 課程讓來自四大洲、數百所學校的數萬名學員和教育工作者受益。 HASSE 是世界領先的太空教育組織,旨在激勵年輕人成為下一代企業家、工程師、科學家。

HASSE 得到了太空人、科學家和產業領袖的支持!


你的未來是掌握在自己的手中,而現在已經進入太空時代了!HASSE 希望幫助青年面對不斷變化的時代,讓他們未來充滿熱情、自信和創造力。

HASSE 太空微課將課堂帶入「太空」,以各種精彩的活動,幫助青年培養未來的生存能力。

1. HASSE 每日主題®

2. NASA 和太空專家

3. 太空職業發展

4. 激勵演講

5. 小組討論


你是一個夢想家,一直想探索太空。HASSE 太空學校就是為了這些對探索太空充滿熱情並想了解它的人而設計的。你將與一群志同道合的學員一起與太空產業的工程師、科學家、企業家和領導者會面並向他們學習!








HASSE 將學員與國際太空產業的領導者聯繫起來,激發對太空探索的熱情。完成該課程後,未來你也將有機會參觀 NASA 詹森太空中心 (Johnson Space Center) 和私人太空公司,與你的老師、科學家、工程師和企業家會面。

My team and I have spent years constantly improving the training 

to build this world 

class program. 

Even though we have an unparallel coaching, we’re far from done and quite frankly I don’t think we will ever be. If you’re ready to accelerate and get faster results in a fraction of the time, to live a life of freedom, purpose and to leave a legacy… then you are exactly who I built Legacy Mentoring for. 

I hope you consider joining us.

Your No. 1 Fan,

Peng Joon




來自 NASA 頂尖的太空機構和太空公司的工程師、科學家和專業人士為學生們做了精彩的演講。





The HASSE Team Has Spent 17 Years Constantly Improving The Training To Build This World-Class Program. 

Peng Joon

Are You Ready to 

Meet Those Experts?

Go ahead and apply for HASSE Space School Virtual Program.

How Legacy Mentoring 

Works for You

When you join Legacy Mentoring, the first thing you’ll get is access to is the Action Plan Onboarding Call with the team to help you customize your implementation plan, identify the steps and resources necessary to help you get accelerated results.

You’ll get access to our full library of Million Dollar Creation trainings. This is where you’ll go through our proprietary 4 phase framework to get you more leads, craft your offer, monetize, and scale using social media.

There are more than 100 hours of training in here that comes with worksheets, transcriptions, and action plans in your exclusive member’s only portal so that you can go through them at any given time.

These sessions can be consumed in small bite sized pieces and is meant for busy people. 

Every lesson has action steps attached to it so that it brings

you one step closer to your goal.

Legacy Mentoring is about implementation. We’ve created an environment to give you the support and accountability to literally force you tlevel up.

Would you agree that sometimes we need to get our asses kicked in order to move forward in life? Not only do you get help from my team… the same team that helps me launch funnels, run ads, systemize social media... you will get to celebrate your wins with me and your other members. 

We’ve broken down that huge goal into small tiny bite sized milestones so that you will have insight on the next thing that needs to be done, go do it, celebrate that win and move forward.

A huge victory is just a cumulation of many tiny wins. How would your life be different when you are surrounded by people who actually believe in you, push you, stretch you out of your comfort zone and is constantly cheering you on

What if you could meet up with me and my team every single week for an entire year…

Where in every single session we would put different people on the hotseats, look at your offer, sales funnel, traffic strategy to give you insight on what you should be doing? All of our sessions are highly interactive and actionable.

By the end of every session, you will have something new that you can model and deploy IMMEDIATELY.

At it’s core, this world class coaching is what enables our member’s to be massively successful.

I’ve been doing these coaching sessions for 4 years now and I have never cancelled a single session. I’ve done it on Christmas Eve, I’ve done it on my birthday… we are committed to your success.

We know how to get you out of your own way, deal with information overload and bottom line get you results.

We have our powerful “Implementation Weeks” four times a year where we get our hands dirty, immerse ourselves to get things DONE. You’ll discover new strategies, plan your next launch, build news ads and more.

These events are focused on taking your business and marketing skill  to the next level. 

Upcoming Implementation Weeks range from making compelling webinars online, building up your ads bank, traffic, social media automation, systems and process.


Our events usually has been in live in person events but due the to pandemic we’ve brought all of our events virtual, so that you’ll be able to attend anywhere in the world.

When you join Legacy Mentoring, you will be able to get our full set of resources, checklists, tools, Trello boards, actionable guides and templates to start implementing immediately.

Depending on the level of support you need, this is the comparison of the 3 different tracks.


(Accelerate, Immerse and Mastermind)


「HASSE 是我見過最棒的組織之一」

戴森豪森博士 (Dr. Von T.)- NASA 登月車設計者, 阿波羅計畫工程師

「…我鼓勵你參加 HASSE 課程…你會很慶幸聽了我的建議!


– 焦立中博士 | 前 NASA 太空人、國際太空站指揮官、SpaceX 顧問

「...自 2006 年以來,和 HASSE 合作這個獨一無二的課程非常愉快。」

– 巴赫德博士| NASA 美國太空與火箭中心執行長


– 威廉·T·哈里斯 | NASA 休士頓太空中心執行長

「......我在 NASA 做過最有趣的事情之一,就是支持 HASSE 太空學校...


– 羅蘭·內德爾科維奇 | NASA 詹森太空中心實驗室負責人

HASSE is one of the great organizations

I have ever met!

– Dr. Von Tiesenhausen | Rocket Scientist, NASA Hall of Fame Reciever, Designer of the First NASA Lunar Rover

I encourage you to participate in the HASSE Program...you will be glad you did! It is a lot of fun!"

– Dr. Leroy Chiao | Former NASA Astronaut, ISS Commander, SpaceX Advisor

"...We have enjoyed working with HASSE since 2006..from this exceptional program."

– Dr. Deborah E. Barnhart| CEO, NASA U.S. Space & Rocket Center

"On behalf of the entire Space Center Houston family, thank you for your

commitment to space science and learning..."

– William T. Harris | CEO, NASA Space Center Houston

"...one of the fun things I have done at NASA was to support the HASSE Program,...to share our motivations and experiences, and the things we want to pass on to the next generations..."

– Roland Nedelkovich |Director, NASA Lab, Johnson Space Center



“I recommend HASSE Space School not only to the students who are interested in space, but also to those who want to broaden their horizons."

– Wayne L | Class 2006 | 2017 Forbes 30 under 30 Entrepreneurs –

Electrical Engineering, University of California at Berkeley


"It was a life-changing experience for me!

After attending HASSE Space School, I decided to major in Computer Science.

– Tracy C | Class 2016–Engineering, Cambridge University


"It was a lot of work but it was definitely a lot of fun. I think the best part was getting to really make some new friends, especially with lots of people who just really loved space a lot."

– Louisa Canapa | Classe 2016–Monte Sant Angelo NSW, Australia


“This is like my dream place,

I would recommend any passionate learner to join HASSE Space School!”

– Xuan Xin Ng | Class 2019–Computer Science, National University of Singapore


""When I dedicated all my energy to the HASSE Space School,

the experiences I have gained are valuable and irreplaceable!"

– Yo Murata | Class 2017 –Electrical Engineering, The University of Tokyo


"What I learned here was the importance of teamwork, my experience here was

really fulfilling and entertaining. I hope this in the future allows me to be more

motivated about STEM fields"

Cristian Alamos | Class 2018Nido de Aguilas, Chile


"I learned a lot of knowledge...

I was able to gain experience that will lead me to the future."

– Danishi Ai | Class 2022 –Engineering Science, University of Tsukuba, Japan


"I was also a student and a group assistant at HASSE Japan. I highly recommend students who like challenges to join the Space School!"

– Pbear P | Class 2014 –Economics, Keio University, Japan




Wayne Lin | 2006 美國加州柏克萊大學電機工程

2017 Forbes 30 under 30 企業家

「這對我來說是一次改變人生的經歷!在參加 HASSE 太空學校後,


陳美羲 Tracy | 2016 英國劍橋大學電腦科學



– David Williams | 2019 澳大利亞墨爾本大學電機工程

「來到我的夢想之地,我推薦有熱情的學習者參與 HASSE 太空學校!」

吳軒心 Xuan Xin | 2019 新加坡國立大學計算機系

– Tracy C | Class 2016–Engineering, Cambridge University


村田燿 Yo Murata | 2017 日本東京大學電機工程


陳孟宏 Hugo | 2018 國立台灣大學電機系


– Cristian Alamos | 2018智利阿道夫·伊巴內斯大學商學系


Danish Ai | 2022 日本筑波大學 理工學院

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Are You Ready to 

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Go ahead and apply for Legacy Mentoring to get on a call with my team so that we can help you identify where you are and see if we can help you get to where you want to be.

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